Enjoying what would be one of the last times eating at the Hungry Cat, my girlfriend confided in me her incredibly awesome schedule for the weekend. Then she turned to me and asked if she should actually take the weekend off and finally catch up on some sleep. After a brief pause, she leaned over and said, “I just don’t know if I can miss all these awesome opportunities… I have the worst case of FOMO.” Shit, I thought to myself, do I sound cool and just nod my head and pretend… nope my mouth already opened up and said “What the heck is that?”

She giggled, leaned in and explained FOMO to me in the kindest of ways…

F = Fear

O = of

M = Missing

O =...



It took me 280 days to write this and in the end 364 days to get past the fear of publishing it. My goal from the beginning of this year was to write a mission statement for myself, for my website, for my business. To create a “compass” to lead me when the road to success is tough and long.

In the pursuit of finding my mission statement: I found my mission.

I am entering year 18 of being in my business. Longevity in a single business can create invaluable experience and expertise, but it can also create complacency and fear. If you know too much, you tend to over extend your expertise and allow the fear of the known to walk right it and kill initiative and creativity. After a ver...